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There never was a better time to access free IQ tests. They can provide an important key to self-awareness, giving you the knowledge, understanding and confidence you need to get ahead in life. And thanks to the internet, it can all take place in the comfort of your own home.

We all go through times where we feel less than adequate. An inexpensive IQ test can be a great way to boost your confidence, test your mettle and feel better about yourself.

Online testing can also be useful to help explore other factors that impact your achievements and success — things like your emotional intelligence (EQ) are thought to have at least as much impact on your career accomplishments as your IQ.

Whether you are looking for more self-awareness, an idea of your career potential or just plain bragging rights, a good online IQ test can transcend pure entertainment and give you a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

We should know, after all. Learn-Your-IQ was born when a marital squabble about who was the smarter partner led to a flurry of free IQ tests and a big debate about who came out on top.

We channeled all this drama — and a lot of fun research — into the development of this website.

What is Intelligence, and What Does it Reflect?

An average IQ (intelligence quotient) is considered to be 100, though the range extends from 85 to 115. At 116 you’re described as mentally superior. If you’re above 140 – hey, you’re a genius.

Learn-your-IQ.com features a full range of IQ resources, including an IQ Test Scale that will show you how your results rank compared to other folks.

Interested in helping measure your child’s IQ test scores? Our directory of recommended Free Kid IQ tests should fill the bill perfectly.

You don’t have to be a genius to try one of the many free IQ tests yourself. Most of them are quick, easy and even entertaining. Heck, you can even download applications to test your IQ on your iPhone.

Think you might have Genius IQ? We’ve got that covered, too, complete with info about Mensa IQ Tests.

But if you want a more comprehensive report, you might want to consider a paid test that includes a detailed analysis of your intelligence.

This site also helps you determine which free IQ tests are best for you.

Your Advantage Taking Free IQ Tests

Tests have become part of our lives, like it or not. Most adults reading this will have taken some kind of an IQ-derived standardized test that refers to reasoning, ability or aptitude.

There are many reasons you should know your IQ. These days, IQ quizzes can be a stepping-stone to educational institutes, jobs and elite IQ groups such as MENSA. Tests can even be used as part of compatibility criteria for dating.

Online tests can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. But testing your IQ is only part of your self-discovery.

Personality tests and psychology tests can help you to learn what type of person you are by identifying your values and interests. Career tests can provide insight that helps you choose a satisfying career and fulfill your success potential.

There are many types of intelligence, and traditional IQ is just one of them. Factors like emotional intelligence can play a big role in your future success. You need only look at a character like Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory to see how book smarts alone aren’t enough to have a happy, balanced life!

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help prepare you for a more successful life, overall.

Many free IQ tests should be considered primarily as entertainment, but we’ve found the hidden gems that are worth your time. There are tests for kids and for adults. And there are many types: short,freepaid-for, serious and funny, among others.

Boosting Your IQ Scores

Studies have shown that many factors can increase our IQ test results. Things like a good diet (eat lots of fish), a judicious use of caffeine and keeping your brain alert and active can make a real difference. Since intelligence naturally declines over time, generally starting at about age 45, it’s important to do what you can to boost your IQ. Taking the odd free IQ test can keep you sharp, active and aware.

The latest studies are suggesting the social factors can play a role in increasing or decreasing your IQ. Attend too many meetings? That’s been linked to lower IQs. Tend toward conservative reasoning? Another factor that’s correlated to lower IQs.

Regardless of your age, background or temperament, you’ll find lots of resources on this website to help you train your brain and achieve the best IQ test scores possible.

Explore the topics we’ve provided on Learn Your IQ. Are you average, above average or a genius? We’ll put you on the path to the perfect free IQ tests to help you find out.

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