Brain Teasers: Tantalize Your Mind

Brain teasers come in many shapes and sizes. They are designed primarily to provide education and entertainment.

But whether they can flex the mind enough to improve your IQ test score is a matter of debate.

What is known is that staying alert and mentally nimble is a good thing. If you are looking for some recreation, why not choose an activity that will boost your brain matter, instead of zoning you out?

Aside from the challenge of solving a teaser, some people are drawn to the opportunity to compete against other players, depending on how the web site providing them is set up.’s scoring and multi-player zone offers visitors the chance to rank against other players. There is also an email list where you can get a teaser sent to you daily.

brain teasersOne of the best collections of links for brain games we’ve found is at Under the heading of Further Recommended Sites, you’ll find teasers, riddles, puzzles, interactive games and more.

There is a daily brain test at that includes an archive of past teasers. This site allows visitors to register and submit riddles, rate puzzles and track the teasers.

Another great place to find innovative brain games is at The Brain Den. There’s a wide collection of offerings — from fun brain tests to puzzles, paradoxes and skill-testing problems. You can test your math skills, your visual/spatial perception abilities and linguistic chops, and even put yourself on the line and to the test by playing Sudoku and chess right on the site.

Check out the best brain teasers they have to offer here.

If you want to get into a routine, this site offers to send you daily brain games via email, up to six times a week. A great way to make the most of brain games without spending all your time surfing the net.

You can visit A Daily Brain Teaser here.

Brain Teaser: Fun or IQ Gain?

While brain games may seem like child’s play, in reality they serve a vital and positive purpose. Studies have shown that when it comes to intelligence, it’s really a ‘use it or lose it’ scenario.

People who stay active mentally — with puzzles, quizzes, brain games and the like — maintain their mental skills longer than those who don’t.

Plus, the process of practicing brain teasers can prepare you for when you eventually embark on taking a full IQ test. You’ll be more comfortable with the language and pattern of the kinds of questions you often see on IQ tests. Practice, in this case, may not make you perfect — but it’ll certainly make you better!

Who Benefits From Brain Teasers?

There’s some natural diminishing of mental processes as we age. That’s a sad reality for us all. But by using a variety of fun puzzles and IQ games you can help train your brain and stay sharp, longer.

Here’s the bad news. Recent studies have shown that brain drain starts as early as age 45. Yikes.

If that hasn’t depressed you already, you can read more here.

On a more positive note, if you are looking to feed your brain with nutrients by knowing which vitamins, herbs and foods keep you sharp, there are plenty of sites we’re recommending to keep you both busy and relaxed.

Of course, one of the best ways to boost your IQ is in the classroom. The right teacher — and the right school — can make all the difference in making the most of intellectual potential.

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