Job Assessment Test: Making It Work For You

The job assessment test is a phrase that often strikes fear into the hearts of people who are looking for employment and a better worklife. Even if you already have a job and you want to move into a desired position within the organization, you may need to take a test.

Fear is natural, particularly if you’ve been out of school for some time and taking a test is no something you’ve done recently. But don’t worry!

You’ve come to the right place to learn about how to approach a job assessment test. Prepare properly and you will gain what you want.

The Job Assessment Test: Consider What the Employer Wants

job assessment testThere are tests that help employers assess your skills, knowledge and even work preferences. Most often, you would take these tests on a computer. Expect written tests that may have multiple choices for answers, though there are can also be oral tests.

As a first step, you might want to consider a free online assessment that helps you measure your strengths. The assessment available from Literacy Works is a great way to analyze your assets — whether your skills are greatest in the areas of science, math or art.

This test asks you a series of 56 questions, and then comes up with a great comprehensive profile that gives you keener insight into what you have to offer.

And did we mention it’s free?

You can take the Strengths Assessment Test here.

Generally, assessment tests vary depending on the employer, the position available, the job tasks, the required skills and the workplace.

A personality assessment test, for example, could help measure your approach to work and even the type of behavior you are most likely to exhibit in a workplace. It could even be part of larger testing program that includes a career finder test.

To prepare for an evaluation of your suitability, you could take an online employment test in the privacy of your home that could be similar to the job assessment test that you will face. Sites like Expert Rating offer a full array of job assessment test solutions for you to choose from — everything from office and computer skills to personality assessment, yoga certification and job aptitude assessments.

If you need to go to a nearby career centre, library or educational institution, you could see if they have these programs or software available so that you can brush up on your skills.

Understanding the Job Assessment Test

You will not see a single career finder test that every employer uses, so sorry, there is no guaranteed method or stock set of answers that you can access. You can do well on the test regardless with the right steps.

Beforehand, consult with your family, friends or even trusted workmates who may have already taken such tests. They can help familiarize you with expected challenges and provide valuable insight into how you can do your best.

Brush up on information about your potential employer, even if you are already in an organization and looking to move into a new role. You can often find relevant facts on the company’s website, particularly if there is a careers section.

So get to know the company as best you can and talk to someone already working there or who has held a position similar to the one you’re seeking. They may have already taken a similar test!

Along the way, consider taking a career finder test online that could help you get ready for the job assessment test — tests like the ones you will find with the MAPP Career Test are a good place to start.

See if you can print out the questions and your answers and scores, then review the information the night before taking the employer’s test. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast on the day of the test to boost your brainpower.

The Job Assessment Test:  Looking for More?

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