Leapfrog IQ Test: Are You A Genius or Dimwit?

The Leapfrog IQ Test is probably one of the most interesting of the literally hundreds of different free IQ tests on the Internet. As far as IQ tests go, it’s not the hardest – but it might just be one of the most fun.

Like many of the IQ tests available online, this test can not provide a definitive definition of your intelligence. Instead, it’s a fun and simple brain teaser that may have you more confounded than you care to admit!

The IQ test is based around a very simple concept. Three frogs sit on lily pads. You must move the green frogs from the left to replace the brown frogs on the right. Sounds simple enough, right? But in reality, it’s more complicated than it sounds.

leapfrog IQ testThe experts behind this IQ test suggest it’s an interesting indicator of a child’s potential IQ. They say that if you’ve got an IQ above 50, you should be able to do it in three minutes or less.

Got what it takes to master the frogs in this fun IQ test? Try it and find out!

You can try out the Leapfrog IQ test by clicking this link.

The Leapfrog IQ Test: Not as easy as it seems!

Be forewarned, however — the test isn’t as easy as you might think. We’ve been trying to master the test for ages and still no luck. Hopefully you’ll be more successful.

If you’re stumped, you aren’t alone. When you are ready to give up, you can find the solution to the Leapfrog test here.

It’d be a serious stretch to claim that the Leapfrog IQ Test has any scientific validity. At best, it’s a fun brain puzzles, and probably worth doing.

Studies have shown that people who stay active mentally, doing puzzles, quizzes and the like, stay more mentally alert and capable as they age.

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