Free Internet IQ Tests

Admit it – you want to know how smart you are. Fortunately, free Internet IQ tests are just the way to do it. We’re all curious about our IQ, whether it’s for bragging rights, to prove a point or to have a better sense of our own potential. For most of us, IQ tests offer the ideal way to figure out just how intelligent you really are.

Before you set out to take one of the many free Internet IQ tests that are available, it’s important to know what they are, and what they can do.

What is IQ?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It’s a method of measuring intelligence that has been around for decades. Many of the free Internet IQ tests that are now available use standard methods of calculating IQ that have been around since the 1880s – processes like those of the Stanford-Binet IQ tests or the Wechsler IQ tests. Other services modify, adapt and adopt to create their own IQ tests.

free Internet IQ testsMost IQ tests will offer you a series of questions that you have to answer in a pre-appointed amount of time. Times vary dramatically – the tests can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, so to avoid frustration, check before you start!

IQ tests have questions that are designed to measure how quickly and accurately you can digest information and come to a conclusion. Many of them are math-based – kind of like the questions you used to get in high school Algebra classes. Others involve problem solving and the ability to see patterns. The questions you’ll find on IQ tests are diverse, but most stick to the same generalized formula.

What Do IQ Test Scores Measure?

IQ tests are designed to measure a person’s skills in understanding concepts, as well as problem solving. A person’s ability to see relationships between things, as well as remembering information and patterns, are also reflected in their score. Abilities measured by the test include:

Spatial perception – ability to visualize the manipulation of various objects and shapes
Mathematical skills – talent in solving math problems, and in using logic
Language skills – ability to recognize patterns in words or sentences
Memory – ability to recall information

The most effective IQ tests score people’s abilities in a variety of areas, and aren’t limited to specific areas of intelligence.

Top Free Internet IQ Tests

When it comes to free Internet IQ tests, we’d like to recommend what we think are the best and brightest of the bunch:

If you want to cut right to the chase, and really prove how smart you are, International High IQ Society’s free IQ tests are the IQ tests for you. Over a 12-minute period, you’ll be asked 36 different multiple-choice questions. Anyone scoring 124 points or higher will get an invitation to join the society. What more could you ask for?

When it comes to favorite free internet IQ tests, we have a new one. This test provides a good overview of your general intelligence — as well as an understanding of how up you are on popular culture. It’s fun, entertaining, informative — and surprising accurate, when compared to traditional internet IQ tests.

Check out the Smart or Stoopid IQ test and find out which you are!

A slightly silly but fun Internet test that promises a psychological profile might be worth a look — for the entertainment value, of course!

Grab a pen and paper, cut yourself a few minutes and try this fun profile test.

This fun little video provides an IQ test that says your IQ exceeds 150 if you are successful. It’s actually a pretty simple pattern to decode — if your brain is wired that way, it is. Check it out:

Free Internet IQ Tests for Kids

If you are interested in more information about your child’s intelligence, we have many resources on this site for child IQ tests. Many of them can be completed free of charge, or for a small fee.

A good place to start is to download Dr. Phil’s online IQ test that can be hand-tailored to children ranging in age from three to 16 years.

There’s a popular and scientifically valid free IQ test at You’ll answer a series of 38 questions and then receive a general IQ score. If you want a more in-depth report, it will cost you $9.95. This report breaks down your intelligence into 13 key areas, and includes charts and interpretations.

The site also includes a practice IQ test, which might be the best way to ease into the process and work out any nerves.

You’ll find a super-fast free internet IQ test at Quiz Rocket. Fly thru a series of 20 questions to receive your score. You can test out the Quiz Rocket free IQ test here.

Over at Queendom, they have the world’s largest testing centre, making it easy to access free IQ tests. With 60 questions, their classic IQ test can run a little long – between 45 minutes to an hour – but it’s nothing if not comprehensive.

Once you’re done, you’ll get free abbreviated test results. If you want more detail, you’ll have the option to purchase a detailed report that provides a through interpretation of your IQ test results. For a fee of three credits (or $6.20) you’ll have access to more information than you could possible want about your own intelligence.

While there’s no lack of free IQ tests out there, it’s best to choose carefully to make sure you don’t waste your time – or money – on something that doesn’t meet your needs.