Free IQ Test Online: Which Test is Best?

There is often a small price to pay with a free IQ test online, even if it’s just the investment of your time. There are many different types of these tests and one main difference is money — some tests you pay for, some you don’t.

A free IQ test online usually offers you less comprehensive testing and scoring in return for your attention. Depending on the business model of the Internet page you are accessing, these tests often require you to view advertisements or provide opt-in information for marketing purpose.

Let’s look at the upside and downside.

Free IQ Test Online: Pass The Test, Hold The Cash

free IQ test onlineThe upside is that most tests try and provide a win-win situation. You spend some of your time with a free IQ test online but you learn something about yourself. You will also learn something about the quality of tests offered by the particular vendor.

Like most software services, the free version is often provided to give you the opportunity to upgrade. It’s a transaction of time and information that can benefit both you and the vendor. Few tests are a strictly free IQ test online. Generally speaking, the greater the detail, the higher the cost. The vendor often wants you to upgrade from free IQ tests to a test that you’ll pay for which might offer more information, graphics and even a subscription to services.

The benefit of tests — aside from being no cost and readily available — is that they can provide an illuminating glimpse into how the company offering them will provide its comprehensive, paid reports. It’s a sneak peek into your potential, though you’ll be paying with your time and effort.

It’s a trade-off with a value that slides according to your purpose. If you want to get a general idea of how smart you are, a free IQ test is the way to go — since they don’t dig into your wallet.

There are many kinds of online IQ tests. You can find a free IQ test online that measures academic intelligence, of choose from tests that measure your financial intelligence, your career intelligence or even your emotional intelligence. Some of these tests are for entertainment, while others offer serious advice and insight. Pick whichever online IQ tests best suit your mood and interest.

Free IQ Test Online: Top 5 Free IQ Tests

A few good free online IQ tests to choose from include: which includes 38 different questions that must be answered in under 13 minutes (take longer, and you’ll be penalized).

You can also try Quiz Rocket, a PhD-approved, 20-question free IQ test online that you can complete in short order.

IQ Labs’ free IQ test features 30 questions that must be completed in 15 minutes or less. The site offers a free 25-page report with your results.

Next, IQ Exam offers a 32-question test that gives you up to one minute for each answer.

Rounding our our top 5 list is IQ Test For Free, a test that is perfect when you are short of time. Just 9 questions are answered in 5 minutes, so you aren’t talking about a big time investment.

Show Me The Money

IQ tests that require payment generally provide a more comprehensive report of your IQ — areas of strength and weakness, as well as a comparison of how you rank. Consider your purpose for taking the test before spending any money.

Certification tests may be valuable if you’re looking to gain entry to a particular career. IQ tests for kids can help a parent make a decision regarding schooling, even home schooling.

If you’re looking to tell friends, family or your companion you’ve got proof you’re smarter than they are, purchasing a comprehensive IQ report could be money well spent.

For a test that’s close to the one you’d get in a formal testing office, you can visit Expert Rating. This site offers a comprehensive, certified online IQ Test that’s detailed and precise, all for a cost of $9.99 US.

It’s all well and good to take an IQ test for entertainment, but the Expert Rating test is credible and authentic, and is something that’s useful for career purposes.

Just the Facts, Ma’am:

There are several widely accepted, credible online IQ tests that can help you determine your intelligence quotient. Taking any of the following IQ tests is a guarantee that your IQ is in good hands:

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Revised Test includes 11 subtests that examine verbal logic and reasoning, as well as nonverbal reasoning. Make sense? The age range of the test is 16 to 74. This test helps to determine how well you process information.

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children is for ages six and a half to 16-and-a-half. It includes IQ scores. The format is similar to the Wechsler adult scale noted above.

You can read more about the Wechsler test here.

The Kaufman Adult and Adolescent Test of Intelligence is for ages 11 to 85. There is also a Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test for people aged four to 90.

Then there’s the Stanford-Binet (remember Binet, the French guy who introduced IQ testing 100 years ago?). School psychologists use it to measure overall cognitive abilities. The age range is two to adult. Verbal reasoning, short-term memory and visual reasoning are among the aptitudes tested.

You can read more about the Stanford-Binet test here.

Whether you decide to go with free or paid tests, the key is to enjoy the process. And who knows? You just may gain a little personal insight in the process with IQ tests, free or otherwise.