IQ Tests Free of Fee: Which is Best?

There’s a wide variety of IQ tests free of charge on the internet. The trick is to find ones that offer a scientifically sound test that’s easy and convenient to use.

Pressed for time, and just itching to put your IQ to the test? There’s a convenient IQ test courtesy of Mensa that you can download on your smartphone for less than the cost of a good cup of coffee.

This IQ test app offers you three options — a short, medium and long version — with no limit to the bragging rights you just might achieve.

You can download the test at a cost of $1.99 for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android iPhones.

Read on for more ideas about internet IQ tests that are effective, high-quality — and which won’t break the bank.

IQ Tests Free For The Taking: Best Of The Bunch

Wonderlic is becoming increasingly popular as an IQ test, largely helping folks determine their career options and aptitudes. The Wonderlic tests isn’t scored like a traditional IQ test. A score of 20 or so indicates that you are perfectly average.

Though this is one of several IQ tests free of charge that aren’t particularly long or challenging, it does offer some interesting insights.

You can also learn more about the Wonderlic IQ Tests here.

If you like your tests free but a little more serious, then the High IQ Societysite might be for you. They have a comprehensive IQ test available at a cost of $3.99, plus a puzzle competition and trivia challenge that can help you determine if you have the right stuff.

You can take the High IQ Society’s IQ tests free and otherwise on their comprehensive website.

There’s also lots of information about membership requirements.

There’s a fun and free IQ test available online that couldn’t be easier to take. You’ll answer just 10 questions (trivia, math and logic, mostly) before you get an estimate of your IQ.

Be forewarned — this is one of the IQ tests free of fee that isn’t that generous with high scores. We scored only 78 here, ouch!

If you want something a little less conventional, there’s an interesting free IQ test at This site more than meets the requirements for those who want their IQ tests at no cost, but the questions are more along the lines of brain teasers or puzzles. Take the free IQ test and flex your IQ muscles.

The Self Discovery Workshop has online IQ tests free for the taking. The test itself is quicker than many — there are 38 true or false questions. The site requires you to enter your email address. After you’ve completed the free IQ test, your IQ score will be e-mailed to you.

And at that time, you’ll also have a chance to buy a copy of a report that details the results of your free IQ test, measuring your intelligence in 13 areas. The cost of the IQ test report is $9.95. Take the Self Discovery IQ test for all the insight you could want.

To take classic IQ tests free of charge, you can visit Queendom. Their comprehensive test includes 60 questions — and takes up to an hour to complete. Queendom will give you your IQ test free of charge, but there is a three credit (or $6.20) fee if you wish to purchase a detailed report that describes your areas of intelligence. You can take the Queendom IQ challenge to see how your smarts measure up.

Looking for a bit more substance, but still don’t want to have to pay for your IQ Test? The Strengths Assessment Test at Literacyworks helps you get a good sense of what you are good at — and what you aren’t. You can check out the Find Your Strengths Assessment here.

And if you’re one of the millions of folks toting an iPhone, you can download an application with a free IQ test. What’s Your IQ is fun, easy — and surprisingly accurate.

Do You Want To Pay To Play?

Learn-Your-IQ.Com has a comprehensive listing of classic IQ tests — including those that are pay to play.

Sites like Expert Rating offer a huge range of comprehensive, quality tests that will do more than entertain you. They will give you a professional assessment and measure of your intelligence. There are tests that analyze children’s IQ, adult IQ and much more. Most of the IQ tests are under $10.

Don’t want to pay to play? Expert Rating has a free aptitude test that’s worth a look! There are 59 multiple choice questions and the test should take about an hour to complete.