IQ Test Questions: Examples Abound

Before you answer the first of your IQ test questions, it’s important to know what to expect.

This guide has been designed to help you understand the types of questions that will be asked, what areas they will measure, and it even includes some example IQ test questions to help boost your confidence.

Why Take an IQ Test?

Taking an IQ test is something that many people apparently find to be an intriguing prospect. Perhaps they are thinking of going into a line of work that requires a particular type of intelligence. Or, maybe a prospective college student is trying to decide on a major. It’s often a parent who wants to assess their child’s abilities. It could even be something as simple as someone wanting to know themselves a little bit better.

IQ test questionsWhatever the specific reason for taking the test, those who do so are united in their need to know more about their individual mental capacities. To address this need, there are many websites that exist in order to give people the opportunity to do so.

Preparing for an IQ test

Those who have not previously taken an online IQ test will naturally have many questions about the process. They may have questions about the different areas of intelligence that are measured, the types of questions they will be asked, and the format of such questions. In this article, we will strive to give prospective test takers answers to these questions.
What are some of the types of intelligence that are tested?

Some of the typical areas of intelligence that are commonly tested include verbal, mathematical, spatial, visual, classification, logical, and pattern recognition abilities. Stay tuned for some sample questions and formats for each type of intelligence.


The verbal section tests vocabulary and mastery of language, as well as reading comprehension and learning. A typical question would be in the following format:

* Rearrange the following letters to make a word: RAPETEKA

A. A fruit
B. A city
C. A bird
D. A toy

In this case, the answer would be C. The letters would spell PARAKEET.


Questions in this section test our numerical skills. A common question would appear in this format:

*Which number should be next in the series? 3,5,8,13,21.

The answer? 34. Why? 3+5+8, 5+8=13, etc.


This section deals with visual intelligence and the ability to mentally manipulate objects. Questions would typically deal with pictures of different objects and their relationship to each other.


This section is closely related to the spacial section, and usually features questions related to puzzle pieces and how they fit in with each other. The idea is to test the ability to perceive patterns.


This section tests the ability to perceive relationships between thinks like words, ideas, pictures, or musical pieces. A sample question could be: Which fruit does not belong? Apple, grape, marmalade, orange, cherry.

Answer: marmalade.


This tests the ability to think rationally and come to deductive conclusions. A question could be: Which number completes the series? 10:6::3.

The answer would be -1.

Pattern recognition

This section is rather self explanatory. Typically, testers will be presented with complex geometric figures, and be asked to recognize the pattern.

IQ Test Questions: Take Your Pick

The length of various IQ tests varies from method to method and from place to place, as will the style and structure of the IQ test questions. (Here’s a link to our favourite short IQ tests).

Some tests have a few dozen questions, others over a hundred. Whatever the length of the test, the most vital factor is that it include some or all of the above mentioned tests.

A list of our favourite free online IQ tests can be found here.

IQ Test Questions: Put In Some Practice

Looking to hone your skills before the big test? Mensa offers a practice workout that will help you understand what you are getting into.